Winter storm freezes sales for local businesses

By Stacy

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Many local businesses were forced to close this week to protect employees and because of equipment issues.{}For food truck owner Daniel Estrella, a frozen food truck means frozen profits.

"We lost maybe $2,000 in three days," Estrella said.

Estrella's Little Star of the Caribbean food truck has been parked all week in North Charleston.

Even the water that usually pumps through his pipes from a tank under the truck is frozen. Traveling in his truck is not possible, he said.

"Going over the bridge on dry conditions, sometimes the wind is crazy. I wouldn't risk it with cold and ice and all that," Estrella said.

And at Ye Ole Fashioned in Mount Pleasant, the grills may be lit on Thursday, but the establishment was also affected by the bridge closures. The owners could not even make it in to open Wednesday.

"It's pretty hard. We're a small mom and pop shop as they call us. So being closed for a day and a half definitely impacts business. Our employees also, they're losing their salary as well not being able to work," owner Becki Cole said.

They slowly rebounded with the restaurant re-opening Thursday while kids were still off school.

"We had a very busy day today; a lot of moms in here with the kids," Cole said.

But back at Estrella's frozen truck, he hoped Saturday's Food Truck Rodeo would help him, and all the other grounded trucks rebound and get warm.