Winter Storm lesson No. 1: Don't mess with Jim Cantore

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Weather Channel's severe weather aficionado Jim Cantore is in Charleston covering the winter storm this week as it moves across the Lowcountry dumping ice and snow on the area.{}

With social media and live shots with thousands of viewers across the city, it was easy to find out Cantore was set up on the College of Charleston campus just off Calhoun Street.{}

That set him up for a visit from pranksters with nothing but time on their hands.{}

As the sun was going down on the courtyard on the centuries old campus, Cantore was in the process of explaining the storm's progression across an area that is not used to winter weather.{}

That's when a man runs into Cantore's shot screaming at the top of his lungs, but Cantore -- a seasoned veteran in the field -- lifted a knee to the crasher's groin and continued explaining the weather phenomenon.{}

Much like Cantore's arrival in the Holy City, the knee-to-groin live shot was instantly on social media sites for everyone to see.{}

So far, Jeremy McLellan of Charleston has claimed responsibility for storming Cantore's live shot.

Several news outlets have declared McLellan a College of Charleston student, but officials at the school say no one by that name is currently enrolled at the school.

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