With the votes still out, DD2's Yes 4 Schools celebrates victory

'Yes 4 Schools' members celebrate (Dave MacQueen/WCIV)

By Lia

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- "Yes 4 School" committee members went precinct to precinct to read results individually. While the official vote has not been called by the county, they have already called the race in their favor.

A proposal to raise taxes to improve, rebuild and renovate schools in Dorchester County was on the ballot, and hand in hand with that measure, a referendum to build a new aquatic center.Cheers and clapping filled the{} room as the "Yes 4 School" committee and school leaders say voters favored the school improvement referendum."It means that a district in the top ten academically, can now be far more ranked as far as its facilities," said Superintendent Joe Pye. "Our facilities have never been in the league of our students or teachers or administrators efforts they perform every day."The 179.9{} million dollar referendum would provide Dorchester District 2 with three new elementary schools and one new middle school while renovating and easing the overcrowding at others.The "Yes 4 School" committee is a grassroots organization that's been asking voters to vote yes."We have been working on this," said Committee member Christine LaRue. "I wont know what to do with myself tomorrow. I'll have all this free time. It's great," Precincts throughout District Two reported strong voter turnouts. {}{}{} "I think we do need the schools here because of all the people moving into the Dorchester Two area and hopefully it will do more to attract businesses to come in," said Lou DuBon. Not everyone agreed."I'm opposed to it because I just don't want new taxes," said Wendall Lane. "We had enough. People are suffering."Varying opinions for a hot button issue that seems to have panned out in the schools' favor.Superintendent Joseph Pye says he is ready to start on the plans as early as tomorrow.