Witness: 'Crash sounded like a thunderstorm'

By Eric

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) -- An accident that witnesses said sounded like thunder created a cloud of chaos in a Goose Creek neighborhood. The impact reportedly sounded like a storm outside their front doors.

In the end it was the work van of a local company that barreled through their property.

When things were usually calming down after 10 p.m. Monday in the Hayden Hill subdivision of Brickhope Plantation, a high speed collision got everyone worked up again. And it was in a residential neighborhood where the speed limit is just 25 miles per hour.

The Heil work van involved was driven, police say, by Donny Seegers, the owner of Tri-county Heating and Air. It finally came to a stop in a yard on Parkwood Drive.

"I thought it was thunder, a thunderstorm, it was so loud," said Courtney Stevens, who heard the van crashing into her Subaru Outback, leaving it useless. "You come outside and think that's really close to hitting our bedroom wall."

Stevens was not hurt, but the van also plowed through the yards of her neighbors.

On Monday, Melinda Brabham described the path she thought Seegers' van took. Her mailbox was one of six destroyed, her pickup truck was hit too.

"It went across my driveway; it knocked my truck sideways, knocked my mailbox down," she said.

Brabham also compared the noise to a thunderstorm. She said it was easily loud enough to wake up her young children.

"When I looked, the truck was turned sideways, trash was all in the yard," Brabham said. "There are some crazy people out here, and especially when you own your own company. And you trust people to come in your house and fix things like that?"

Investigators said Seegers' brother, Gregory, and their nephew were all in the van.

After the accident witnesses saw the men get out and run. Gregory Seegers was arrested soon after and charged with being drunk in public.

Donny Seegers wasn't tracked down for several hours. The business owner was arrested several blocks away, near his home.

Donny Seegers faces a number of charges including reckless driving, and hit and run.

Tuesday, Gregory Seegers was released on a PR bond of $262.