Witnesses, responding officers give details into CPD shooting

Photo from the scene (WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The State Law Enforcement Division released on Tuesday more reports from the shooting that left both the suspect and the responding police officer with multiple gunshot wounds Saturday night.

According to the report, Charleston Police Department officer Cory Goldstein tried to pull over a suspect at Savannah Highway and Dupont Road. The suspect, identified by police as Mark Blake, Jr., fled but crashed his vehicle near the I-526 on-ramp.

The report says Blake ran off on foot but stopped behind the Comfort Suites on Savannah Highway. That's when investigators say Blake opened fire and Goldstein{} answered back with shots of his own.

An officer working off-duty at a nearby hotel reports he saw Blake running from the car and started that way when he heard two sets of gun shots, once near the Comfort Suites and again closer to Miyabi's Restaurant.

The officer says they found Blake lying face down on the ground in the trees between the Comfort Suites fence and the sidewalk on Sam Rittenberg Boulevard. The officer reports seeing blood on the ground but also a black gun lying by Blake's feet with a spent shell casing right next to it.

Another officer notes that the "slide was locked to the rear, which is consistent with the weapon being fired until the magazine was emptied."

As for Goldstein, the officer says he was located about 15-20 yards from the suspect behind an unmarked police cruiser parked in the road facing I-526 in the lanes coming from Savannah Highway.

Another witness staying at the Comfort Suites was by the pool having a cigarette when he saw the whole thing happen right in front of him. He told police he saw Blake "turn facing toward the police officer" and saw "muzzle flashes from the direction of the suspect and officer."

He said he heard about 8-10 shots and saw both of them "stumbling around" before he dove on the ground in fear of his safety.

He then saw Blake stagger towards the patio area where the witness was so he slammed the door to get away from the suspect.

Another responding officer, Detective Feeters, was first on the scene and notes that he came up on Goldstein standing in the middle of Sam Rittenberg Boulevard with his gun drawn, having just fired it.

"Goldstein appeared to be staggering in the roadway and advised that he had been hit. He was still covering the wood line with his firearm," Feeters reported. "I asked where the suspect was located, in which Goldstein replied 'He's over there' and motioned to the wood line."

Goldstein immediately told the officer that he had been hit and he moved to stand behind his cruiser.

Feeters notes that Goldstein had been shot in his upper chest, right leg and left hand. Goldstein was wearing a ballistic vest. A fourth gunshot wound was found later on his "left tricep which then grazed his left lat muscle."

Officer Terrell's report is similar to the others but he notes that the gun was about four feet away from Blake as he was lying on the ground. He also says he saw Blake and Goldstein run around the corner and then heard 8-12 gun shots about five seconds later.

As he began to run towards the gunfire he heard a second set of shots and heard on the radio that Blake was down.

Once detectives arrived at Medical University Hospital, they learned that Blake had been shot once in his forearm and once in the leg and may have had multiple bone fractures. One officer notes that it appeared as if Blake's right leg was "broken between the knee and ankle"

The windshield of a van belonging to a couple visiting from New Hampshire was also hit in the shootout. It was parked in a parking space behind the fence that separates the Hampton Inn and Highway 7.

On Tuesday afternoon, CPD officials announced that Goldstein had been released from the hospital and was recovering.