Woman to judge: 'I don't do cocaine, and I don't do heroin'

By Stacy

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Authorities removed a boy from a West Ashley home Thursday after they said they found beer cans and needles in the house. Kirstyn Johnson said she was taking care of the boy while his mother fixed personal issues.

They arrested Johnson and three other people at the home Thursday. Two others were arrested Friday morning.

Johnson appeared crushed and sobbed through her bond hearing Friday. She and her boyfriend John Tabor pleaded with the judge.

"It wasn't hers," Tabor told the judge in Johnson's defense.

"Ma'am, I don't do cocaine. And I don't do heroin," Johnson said.

Johnson's mother Teresa Rhoney said Johnson is clean from any drugs. She said her daughter was mentally disabled and had never been in trouble.

"They can give my daughter a drug test right now. She wouldn't have a thing in her system," Rhoney said.

Police charged both Johnson and Tabor with unlawful conduct toward a child. Police also charged the couple, along with Donald Kinne and Fallon Stafford, with possession of heroin and cocaine. An affidavit stated both substances were found in common areas in their West Ashley home from which the child was removed.

Rhoney said Johnson was trying to do what was right for the child.

"She'd tell me that the mother keeps him when she's got men over, she would keep the baby in a room all day, wouldn't let him go play," she said. "My daughter was just trying to take care of that little boy until the mother got her life straightened out and it doesn't look like she was trying to do that."

Her mother said she didn't know Kinne and Stafford. She said she wanted her daughter to know she still loved her and she did nothing wrong.

The judge set Johnson's bond at $210,000. She set Tabor's bond at $210,620. The $620 is for an additional charge of marijuana possession.

Authorities removed the boy from the home yesterday.

The child's mother is also in jail with bond set at $500,000.