Woman arrested after abuse allegations lodged at school

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A woman was arrested after a school counselor met with an elementary school boy on Nov. 26.

According to a police report, 32-year-old Hilda-Marisol Lanza was taken into custody after a teacher called in a resource officer to meet with a student who had previously given the teacher a note that said, "The things that bothers me is everybody hits me. My mom thinks I am stupid and dumb. Sometimes if I don't do something right she yells at me. My dad thinks I am the same thing that my mom thinks about me."

The report states that the boy began to cry during the interview and said the night before, Lanza began yelling at him for performing poorly in school. The boy said Lanza hit him with a belt in the back and used a hanger to hit the boy in the legs.

She also choked the boy, the report states.

The school's resource officer reportedly found a small, swollen cut on the boy's leg and what appeared to be abrasions on the boy's neck that had been covered with makeup, according to the report.

An official with the Department of Social Services met with Lanza and transferred custody to another family member.