Mother arrested after son found living in home deemed 'filthy'

By Nikki

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A toddler has been removed from a West Ashley home located on Cross Street and the mother sits in jails charged with child endangerment.

On Thursday, the mother's best friend, Kirstyn Johnson, told ABC News 4 that it is all a misunderstanding.

"I think this is just absolutely ridiculous. I mean, (police) are, blowing this thing way out of proportion," said Johnson.

Johnson says for about the past month she took care of Elizabeth Williams' one-year-old son. Johnson says Williams also has a daughter.

"She's been going through a lot of things lately and her daughter is somewhere else right now," said Johnson. "When somebody is going through a lot of shit*, they don't want their child to see what they're going through."

Johnson says Williams never told her exactly what she was going through and would cry when she asked.{} Johnson says she took in her son to help her friend as she got her life in order.

"It's not like she didn't come over here and she didn't bring us food. She brought us food quite a few times. She's given us diapers and wipes," said Johnson.

On Wednesday, police went to the house Johnson shares with her boyfriend after they say they received a complaint from a neighbor concerned about the child's well-being.

"When (police) popped up on me, I was in the process of cleaning my house," said Johnson.

Police say inside the house they found open beer bottles and cans on the kitchen floor as well as dead insects, cat food and a liter box filled with feces.

There was also a room that had been blocked off because it was collapsing, the report stated.

"Three days ago the house was spotless, but I do have a one-year-old there," explained Johnson. "And I'm trying to do everything at once -- take care of him, run after him and stuff like that. And it's very hard for one person to clean up one house."

Police say they also found a hypodermic needle and razor blade.

"Our old roommate that's just been kicked out, he had a problem with shit and so yes, it happened to still be sitting there," Johnson admitted.

Department of Social Services officials were called and took the child into custody. The owner of the home was called to the property and Williams showed up with her baby's grandparents, the report states.

She was taken into custody. Johnson hopes the child is returned to them.

"It's stressful because I want to see him again," she said. "He's a happy little boy."

Williams' bond has been set at $50,000.