Woman hopes discovery will lead to closure in daughter's disappearance

Brandy Hannah (File Photo)

By Natalie Caula

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Six years ago Friday Brandy Hanna of North Charleston disappeared. Family members and friends gathered Friday night to remember her at Alex's Restaurant, where she worked side-by-side with her mother Donna Parent.

Parent has been looking for closure since her daughter disappeared on Friday, May 20th, 2005. Now she may have new hope. Parent says police notified her today after they found a shoe they believe could have been Hanna's.

Police say detectives found the shoe, but don't have any physical evidence to prove it belonged to Brandy Hanna. Officials with the North Charleston Police Department said the shoe was found in the area of the old Navy base. Detectives and the State Archaeologist, Jonathan Leader, Ph. D., have been searching the area with scientific instruments.

"It's six years, it's long enough," Parent said. "What I need to know is what happened to Brandy. More so, I need to know where she is so I can put her where I want her to be, because I know my daughter didn't just run off."

Officials said next week, the archaeologist and team of volunteers will travel to North Charleston to conduct a more thorough search of the area, a secure location of the old Navy base.

Captain S. Deckard with the North Charleston Police Department said the search is based on information gathered during the investigation. He said there is no physical evidence that confirms Brandy Hanna's shoe that was found.

Parent hopes the clue leads to more information about her daughter's disappearance.. and the answers she has been waiting to hear for six years.

"Just knowing where she is. Not laying there every night wondering," Parent said.