The house she built: Future homeowner helps with her Habitat home

By Stacy

JAMES, ISLAND, S.C.{}(WCIV) -- With every nail and every hammer, Gina Watson's dreams took shape.

"You get to see from the foundation to the ground up and{}to the roof. You get to see how it's being built by putting your hands in it," Watson said.

About 200 volunteers also lent a helping hand this week at Sea Island Habitat for Humanity's Women Build. They hammered, sawed, lifted and hammered some more, every day for a week.

Watson said she was humbled by the love of so many.

"Without the help of volunteers and donations, something like this wouldn't be possible for me. It's a blessing. I want to thank them," Watson said.

Her home will be one of seven in Habitat for Humanity's Laurel Oak Grove development on James Island.

"We want neighbors to get to know each other so they feel safe and they can rely on their neighbors for extra help now and then cause we all need some," Sea Island Habitat's development coordinator Amanda Helton said.

She may need help from neighbors{}with her 3-year-old son. Watson said she was{}proud to give him a home of his own; it was{}something she wouldn't be able to do without Habitat.

"He will have great memories, to know his mother built his house," she said.

She called the house her "prize" for her required 500 hours of volunteering. For Watson, her home is truly the house that she built, with the help and hearts{}of so many others.

Women Build volunteers want to weatherproof the outside of the home by the end of the week. Watson and the rest of the women hoped to move in by July.

Watson's home was the seventh to be built in the neighborhood. Eventually, it will hold 22 Habitat houses, officials said.