Woman's disappearance baffles neighbors

Dara Lee Watson (Provided)

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- As divers searched several ponds near the home that Dara Watson and David Hedrick shared, curious neighbors watched on. Investigators discovered Dara Watson's cell phone in a body of water near the couple's home on Thursday.

"We're certainly not used to this kind of hub bub so to speak," said Brian Hadley who's called the Rivertowne subdivision home for about five years. The recent focus placed on his neighborhood has definitely taken some getting used to.

"It's certainly uncharacteristic for our neighborhood. One of the reasons we like it here is because we're in a secluded, private spot," said Hadley. "It's disturbing. It's surprising. It makes you realize crazy things can happen everywhere."

Hadley lives four doors down from the couple's home.

"The thought was these were relatively nice, normal people," said Hadley.

According to Mount Pleasant Police, Dara was last seen on February 6th. Several days later her fianc shot himself in the head. With Hedrick gone, investigators are tracing back his steps in hopes of finding out what happened to Dara.

"That first 24 hours is critical," said James Randolph, a private investigator who's been following the case. He helped locate the body of Kate Waring after she disappeared several years ago.

"When someone falls off the face of the earth-no credit card usage, no checkbook, no bank, no kept appointments, generally it's a pretty bad sign."

As investigators continue their search for clues into Dara's whereabouts--residents like Hadley says it's definitely shaken many in the neighborhood.

"Makes you surprised that those kinds of things can happen a couple of doors down."