WonderFest and Kids Run has great turnout

By Sonya

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - It was all about fitness and fun Friday at Hampton Park during WonderFest and the Kids Run.

There was a mechanical bull, a jumping castle, a rock climbing wall and face painting, all things that kept the kids active and entertained.

There were also all kinds of cool toys to check out, snakes to pet and hold, and there were even some interesting characters like Darth Vader and a few storm troopers.

"It's fun. It's better than being in the class reading Social Studies," said Tyler, one of the hundreds of kids in attendance.

This year the event had an extra special purpose.

"This year we are doing it in honor of Peyton Moore," said Christine Osborne, founder of Wonderfest. "Peyton was a little boy who passed away too early however his legacy lives on and he designed t-shirt this year. He was all about fitness, fun, running; he participated in the Cooper River Bridge Run and Kids Run."

And don't forget about the running, there was plenty of it Friday.

There was a wellness challenge for schools at noon. Nine schools participated in the event. And then at 5 p.m. there was the kids run. There are several level of races, it's a chance for kids to test their speed and be a part of the bridge run.

Kids and parents alike seemed to enjoy the free event at Hampton Park.

"There is enough space and it is set-up nicely so it's easy to check everything out without too much of a headache," said Lee Bruner, a mom who attended WonderFest with her kids. "We have had a great time. My kids are tired and we are going home for rest."

There was a great turnout for the event. Everyone seemed to have a blast out in the sunshine.

"Energy, energy is what I'm feeling today and there is just no way to express it and that's what it is about. It's about the fitness, wellness and fun," said Osborne.

The free event was open to the public from noon to 6pm Friday.