Leadership Without Borders

At some point, everyone is called to be a leader.{} Some may be put in the position more than others and some are simply born with the talents to get a leadership role done and that's exactly what Doug Dickerson, Director of Management Moment Leadership Services talked about today on Lowcountry Live.

He's got a new book out entitled, Leaders Without Borders, Nice Essentials for Everyday Leaders, which talks about many different scenarios that we may be called to be leaders in.{} Especially those people that are in management positions.{} These days everyone is forced to do more with less.{} Employers are having to run tighter payrolls, meaning some employees are having to take on task of two or more people, while getting paid the same amount of money.{} But as Dickerson puts it, that's where being an affective leader comes into play.{} Its hard to stay positive when things are tough, or when it seems like things are going to work out; as everyone can relate to at some point in their lives, but its the way that we come out of it, the way that we handle the situation that makes us affective leaders.

Dickerson also mentioned that we can level the playing field when we refuse to allow circumstances to defeat us.{} No matter what's going on around us, we just have to persevere and change the circumstances that we are in, instead of the alternative of suffering in self pity.{} Also, he says that we level the playing field by setting the right example.{} That includes setting the right example for ourselves.{} You can't teach it, but then turn around and do the exact opposite.{} Life just doesn't work that way.{} He also says that it is so important to have high expectations for yourself.{} No one should be unrealistic, especially when you know that there is no way that the outcome is possible.{} But if we set goals realistically high for ourselves, we are pushing ourselves and others around us to succeed, whether we be at work, at home, or school.

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