'Yes 4 Schools' campaign signs stolen in Dorchester Co.

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Just days after 'Yes 4 Schools' campaign received endorsements from Dorchester County Council, campaign posters in Knightsville were ripped out of the ground and stolen.

"We started putting signs up last week and on Friday afternoon, I was heading back after putting up 12 or 14 signs and I saw one missing Friday afternoon. So, on Saturday I went back out to put that sign back and realized we had four other missing right here in the Knightsville area," said Brian Moniz, a volunteer with the committee. {}

The 'Yes 4 Schools' campaign proposes a property tax increase, to fix crowded schools in Dorchester District 2.

"They just completely tore it off of the post,"said Moniz.

Moniz suspects a few individuals tore out the signs because they don't want a tax increase of any kind.

"The issue is not really about increasing the taxes, because it's such a proportionate small amount. The issue is providing a quality environment for a top rated school district," said 'Yes 4 Schools' committee chair Brian Mitchum.

Mitchum says this is a non-partisan issue they're asking county voters to consider. He says the signs destroyed were not purchased by the school district.

"This was property that was purchased and donated by citizens, parents, people who are concerned about the future of our children," Mitchum.

Moniz says the larger signs they've replaced don't come cheap.

"We've spent a little over $5,000 on the large signs and the volunteers they're working as hard as they can to get these signs up. It's about just getting the message out, so the voters will be educated when they go out Nov. 6 to cast their ballot,"said Moniz.

Mitchum says they have filed a report with the Dorchester County Sheriffs office, but the signs are being replaced as they come up missing.