Yes for Schools celebrated in Berkeley County

Voters at Goose Creek High (Brandon Geier/WCIV)

HANAHAN, S.C. (WCIV) -- With results still pending, supporters of the Yes 4 Schools campaign felt confident that the referendum would pass. School leaders who supported the referendum celebrated their victory at Buccas in Hanahan.Voters in Berkeley County came out in full force on Election Day. One poll worker at Goose Creek High said at one point there was a two to three hour wait. By Thursday morning, with results still coming in, a majority of voters had said yes to the 198 million dollar referendum which will pave the way for five new schools and include renovations to more than 20 others. With nearly a thousand new students enrolling in Berkeley County Schools annually, supporters say the referendum needed to pass in order to accommodate the districts growing enrollment. "We're really thrilled," said BCSD Director of Community Relations Amy Kovach. "This is a great win for children. It is a great win for Berkeley County, economic development. And it's a great win for families who are moving here and looking for high quality school systems.""I'm just excited that democracy is working at it's best in Berkeley County and our board had the vision to let the public decide on what was the best way to move forward within the education process for our children," said BCSD Superintendent Rodney Thompson.If the referendum passes, the cost to improve the schools will be passed onto taxpayers. For example, if you own a 100 thousand dollar home, your tax increase will be 40 dollars annually.