Final poll numbers show a 'Yes' for schools

By Stefanie

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) -- Official final poll numbers{}counted{}Wednesday morning{}gave an answer{}of 'Yes'{}to Berkeley and Dorchester County school referendums.{}A majority of voters{}approved the referendum{}to build new schools and improve many others with a{}"yes" vote for the 'Yes 4 School' referendum on the ballot.

"This is a win for children, a win for Berkeley County,{}and economic development and it's a great win for our families who are moving here and looking for a high quality school systems with high tech learning and a safe environment," said Amy Kovach of the Berkeley County School District.

The stakes were high, but now that the people have spoken, Berkeley County's Superintendent of Schools says it means brighter days are ahead for the district's youth.

"We have to look forward to the future and make sure we are preparing our children for the future and a high tech society and we need to make sure that the learning environment provides that opportunity for our children," said Rodney Thompson, Superintendent of Berkeley County Schools.

The approved $198 million dollar{}referendum for Berkeley County{}will use tax dollars to build five new schools and to renovate 29 others -- {}raising the grade for students and teachers a like.

"Our teachers are so good and they deserve to work in high quality classrooms," Amy Kovach said.

"We{}have some overcrowded schools some that are very overcrowded schools and children that ride a long way to school and cross a very busy bridge to get to school ," Thompson said. "So if we can eliminate those factors and distractions and make sure that we have the best safe environment that our kids can have."

Dorchester County's $179.9 million dollar{}school referendum will build four new schools and renovate 10 existing schools in the district.