Yorktown to get facelift with fresh paint job

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- The iconic aircraft carrier sitting in Charleston's harbor will have a fresh coat of paint by the end of the year.{}

An eight-month project set to kick off later this week will coat the World War II-era ship with nearly 500 gallons of paint at a cost of $190,000. This is the first re-facing of the U.S.S. Yorktown since the mid-1990s, officials said.{}

"We're doing this job as efficiently as we can,"Patriots Point Operations Director Bob Howard said.{}"To clean the ship to bare metal and apply a newcoating system would cost well over $3 million.{} While that's ideal, fundsthat large simply aren't available.{} We chose an alternative that wouldhelp preserve the metal and make the ship look better for a few years while weidentify the funding needed for the long-term solution."

After discussing the matter with state agencies, Yorktown officials determined the best course of action was to remove any flaking paint.

"By using our crews to do this work we are savinghundreds of thousands of dollars," Patriots Point Executive Director MacBurdette said.{} "She will shine when our guys are finished."

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