Young girl's quick action saves drowning bird on Sullivan's

The bird had fishing line wrapped around its wing and body. (Source: Dana Klein)

SULLIVAN'S ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) - A young girl's love for all flying animals ended up saving the life of a drowning bird on Saturday.

Much like any warm Saturday morning in the spring, Anna LaPorte and her father went to Sullivan's Island in search of adventure. Little did they know they were embarking on an adventure bigger than they've ever had.

For most people, the beach is all about soaking up some sun or catching a few fish, but for 10-year-old Anna LaPorte, it was the scene of a rescue mission.

"The bird's wing started flapping in the water and then we realized it was hurt," she said.

Anna's father says his daughter immediately ran into the water to try and save the bird.{}

"It was amazing to me because she didn't have a bathing suit on her or anything," said Dustin LaPorte.

Anna says when she got out in the water, she realized the bird was trapped in fishing line and could not get loose.

"We talked with a fisherman and said, 'Do you want to go on an adventure?' Then we got a knife from a fisherman and scissors from another fisherman," said Anna LaPorte.

With the help of a paddleboarder named Cori, father and daughter were able to save the life of the gull. Anna says it was her love for birds that made her risk her life so the bird can fly another day.

"I felt that I just needed to save the bird no matter how much I care about how he looked or if it was my favorite bird or anything - I just like animals," she said.

The young LaPorte says she wants to be a wildlife photographer, especially of birds. Her father says he thinks it's time she got her first professional camera.

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