Young minds discuss Fiscal Cliff at Renaissance Weekend

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- With a Fiscal Cliff deadline looming in Washington D.C. the concern at a non-partisan conference in Charleston is: what will the next generation inherit?

"I think it's hard for any American to think about much else right now. So it's certainly something people are talking about," said Mary-Catherine Lader a graduate student from Boston.

Lader's parents founded the non-partisan conference, which encourages free flowing discussions on topics including politics, economics, media and science. Lader said the weekend is the perfect opportunity for young people to share their thoughts on what could happen.

"How will we drive economic growth for my generation? What does this mean for our futures? How will our lives be different from our parents?{} That ducktails with the things we discuss at Renaissance anyways.{} What are we doing in our personal lives to try and make a difference?

Of the 1,200 expected participants, some of the youngest minds are also concerned about what future generations don't know about the fiscal cliff.

"The dearth of information, how little my generation knows of what's going on and the consequences it might have for our future. Right now I think what's most important, is for us people that know this issue -- people that know the consequences to explain to friends and family on Twitter and Facebook about how they can get involved and try to change the issue," said Ben Rattray of San Francisco. {}

Since partisan ideas are frowned upon at the Renaissance weekend, it will be hard to find people of any age that favor one side of the political isle over the other.{}

"We really hope that both sides of our government can come together on something that works for the American people," said Nadia Rawlinson of Chicago. Rawlinson's background is in tech innovation but, likes to attend lectures or seminars that could help future generations.

"Nobody wants to see what the ramifications will be in 2013," said Rawlinson.