Your Neighbors: Terrace Theatre offers unique Lowcountry experience

John Gaddy (WCIV)

By Stacy

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Terrace Theatre may have all the staples -- popcorn, soda and tickets -- but it's no ordinary theatre.

"The Terrace is Charleston's only independent theatre. We're a four-screen theatre," owner Paul Brown said.

The theater only shows four movies at a time, but Brown said they select each one carefully; the staff previews all potential films and only chooses movies that meet the high standards.

"The movies they bring are absolutely the very best, most thoughtful movies. They're intellectually extremely satisfying," patron Martha Watson said.

"They make us think deeper than the shallow audience that most theaters entertain," Marty Biernbaum said.

The careful selection of movies, the unique concessions and the comfortable atmosphere have kept people coming back and filling the seats, Brown said.

"The quality of the film is worth your effort to make a point to come here. They're great films," Biernbaum said.

"You don't have to look at 50 million advertisements. It makes it nice. Makes it cozy, you might say," said Norman and Eve Berlinsky.

Even the concessions have a buzz, that's ringing out in the Lowcountry community.

"We're an important gathering spot for entertainment, social, artistic critical. We like people to stick around. We have the beer and wine. We like people to stay around lobby to discuss the movies," Brown said.

But he said he's proudest of what the Terrace can pay back. It hosts the annual Charleston Film Festival and opens its space to local religious groups.

That's enough to keep patrons coming back, even after they call each movie a wrap.

At the Terrace, regular tickets cost $10, matinees are $7.50 and seniors and students cost $8.

Check the Terrace Theatre website for showings and times.

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