Zoning deal displaces mobile home residents

By Gregory Woods

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A zoning proposal unanimously passed by the North Charleston City Council leaves residents of a Lowcountry mobile home park without a place to call home.

The council voted 10-0 at a meeting on Thursday to re-zone the area that houses the Wando Community Mobile Home Park off of Dorchester Road from a residential zone to an office district.{}

The land will be used to for the College of Charleston's new north campus. The building that currently houses the satellite campus was purchased by Boeing.

The people who live in the mobile home park said they did not receive any kind of notice that they had to leave the park.

"We have not received a notice. The only way we knew anything was talking through people," said Gabrielle McCulley, one of the residents.{}

But Rachel Altman, the daughter of the property managers, said her parents informed all of the residents of what was happening with the property.

"They were given a 45-day notice. That's what the contract said my mom and dad have to give [them]," she said.

Residents like Shante Garmon said they are scrambling to find a new place to live before the end of the month.

"We are even trying to put trailers together," she said. "Like my trailer and this trailer. We are going to go together and move out to live somewhere.{}

Altman said she understands the inconvenience but said even she has to find a new place to live.

"I'm the owner's daughter. I got to be out by the end of November. I'm not anymore special than anybody else," she said.

Altman said her parents tried to help the tenants with the cost of moving by not charging rent for the months October and November.{}

"Everyone that went up to the office and tried to pay my dad, he told them to keep their money," she said.

Residents have until Nov. 30{}to move out so construction can begin on the college's new satellite campus. School officials said they hope to have it open and ready to go by the fall of 2014.{}


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