Charleston County leaders expect 'serious flooding'


The message from leaders in Charleston County was clear. If you live in an area that normally sees flooding, get out.

Charleston County emergency response consultant and former emergency operations director Cathy Haynes said heavy rains, heavy winds and some storm surge are expected.

"It (Hurricane Irma) may be going west, but the worst side of the storm is coming our way,” Haynes said.

The county is opening a shelter at 3765 Leeds Avenue for anyone needing to get out of a flood-prone area.

“Now is the time to leave, before that (flooding) occurs," North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey said. "Don’t wait until the water starts rising."

A Storm Surge Warning is in effect for the coastal areas of Charleston County. ABC News 4 meteorologists also say several inches of rain and tropical storm force winds are expected.

“Life cannot be replaced,” Mayor Summey said as he spoke about the need to remain alert and be proactive.

Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg said more of the same as he described the scenario the area would face as "serious flooding" in low-lying areas.

“The winds are going to be blowing the waters up to our coastline,” Mayor Tecklenburg said.

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