2 malnourished dogs found by fisherman

Source: Charleston Animal Society

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Two dogs foundmalnourished by a fisherman are recovering slowly, according to the CharlestonAnimal Society.

Kay Hyman said Tuesday morning the dogs were found Sunday bya fisherman. The man tried to get one of the dogs to safety but it kept leadinghim back to the water. That's when he spotted the other dog nearly drowning inthe creek.

Hyman said the dogs' body temperatures were only 94 degrees.A healthy dog's temperature is usually 102, she said. She added both dogsweighed less than 30 pounds when they were found.

Right now, the North Charleston Police Department is tryingto find the owner and find out what happened to the dogs.

The animal society is caring for the dogs, feeding themsmall amounts of food so they can regain their strength. The dog found in thewater is also being treated for pneumonia, Hyman said.

Anyone with information about the dogs should contact theNorth Charleston Police Department.