45 rescued Goose Creek dogs still struggling to get healthy

Chase is one of the rescued dogs. He's gained 5 pounds since moving to ARR.

By Ava

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) Chase is one of the 45 dogs rescued from a property in Berkeley County in February.

"They are still in really rough conditions, as you can see on Chase right here; he still has some hair loss. They are thin, and socially, he is one of the more timid ones," said veterinarian Dr. Kelli Klein. {}

Many of the dogs rescued were starved and had multiple health problems.

"We've seen demodex and scabies. We are continuing to see that. And secondary to those mite infections, they have bacterial skin infections. Some of them have had ear mites, internal parasites, heart worm disease those are the most common things that we are seeing," said Klein.

Klein said Chase has gained at least five pounds since he was first rescued but still searches for food.

"They are used to not knowing when they are going to be fed again, so it's inherent for them to see food and just go for it," said Klein.

Animal Rescue and Relief, the emergency{}shelter caring for the dogs, is getting help with some of the expenses of treating the dogs from a company in California. David Hendrickson, CEO of Kendrick Boards, heard about the case on social media.

"This case specifically, there were so many animals in need. Not only were there 200 dogs that are dead, you know, shot in the head, tortured and abused buried. Then we have this 50 to{}60 animals rescued that are still fighting for their lives. This was a really special case for us," said Hendrickson. {}

Hendrickson is donating $10 from every specialty T-shirt sold online. The shirts were created just for the Goose Creek dogs.

"A lot of the animals that they are working with are severely emaciated and abused, so it's going to be a long time before these animals are ready for adoption. Until the yare ready, Hendrick Boards will be able to help," said Hendrickson.

Hendrickson said so far they've raised $1,500 for the rescue.

Dr. Klein is urging people to call the Animal Rescue and Relief tip hotline if they have any information on this dog abuse case. The number is 843-647-9610.

To visit Hendrick's Boards, click here.