A dog rescued from mud gets pampered

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Some love and care could turn a dog's life around who had a bad run in with pluff mud in Hollywood.

Fortunately for an apricot poodle, a Good Samaritan came to his rescue and he was turned over to the Charleston Animal Society on Friday.

"He had twisted hair, and it was really heavy. He could barely stand or walk when he came in," Kay Hyman, director of outreach for the society said.

On Tuesday afternoon, the dog now nicknamed "Muddy Waters" went for some fine tuning at Coats & Tails in West Ashley. The society gave him an emergency haircut when he first arrived to get the bulk of the mud that was caked onto his coat cut out.

"He's got a nice little face," groomer Nancy Caldwell said. "I think he is going to make a great little dog for somebody."

Caldwell said she wanted to help the pooch because she wants to see him find a good home.{}

"I love animals and anytime there is a rescue situation like this, and I can make an animal look his best I would like to do that."

When the dog first came in, Hyman said he appeared to be a much bigger dog and black and gray in color. Now he is just a little bundle of joy she said.

"This dog has the best personality and he obviously was well loved and taken care of at one point in his life," Hyman said.

On Wednesday, five days after the waiting period, Muddy Waters will be available for adoption. The society already has had a lot of interest in the pooch.

Hyman says she thinks Muddy Waters is someone's long lost pet, and most likely was lost in travels through the area.

"He can't wait to get to somebody. He just wants to be touched all the time."