A warm welcome for a four-legged baseball star

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) - The Georgetown Bulldogs are happy to have their four-legged friend back on the team.

A five-month-old dog that has hung around the gate of the Mike Johnson Stadium since January has been recovering from what appeared to be a stab wound.

"She was a part of the team," said Carter Thompson. "I just started playing with her from day one and showing her affection."

Players on the team say they knew something was wrong when they didn't see the dog for a few weeks.

"I thought about her every night when I went to sleep. I was thinking, 'Where could she be? Who has her?' and 'What happened?'" said James Carr.

The dog showed up out of nowhere in early March. Carr and other teammates say they noticed immediately that she had a stab wound.

"It made me want to cry," Carr said.

The dog has made a full recovery since being under the care of Saint Frances Animal Center, where they gave her the name Hope.

This team says the name is fitting, because they hoped she would be back at the field.

She will be adopted by Carr's family, where she will join the team for each game from the stands with her new family.

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