Animal Society treating dog with shotgun wound

The injured dog with vet techs. (Source: Charleston Animal Society)

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A dog with a shotgun wound to one of his from legs is being treated by the staff at the Charleston Animal Society.{}

The dog, a male hound mix believed to be seven or eight months old, was found near the town of Ravenel last week and immediately taken to the Emergency Vet Clinic in North Charleston.

A day later, he was taken to Charleston Animal Society. There,{}Dr. Sarah Boyd, the shelter's Director of Shelter Health & Wellness, found{}the dog's injury was a "massive, infected wound" on his left front leg, was the result of a gunshot at close range.

Boyd said the dog has injuries on both front legs, but the left leg is a bigger concern because it{}suffered a significant amount of tissue loss and still has over 120 birdshot pellets embedded in it, many of which penetrated the bone.

Boyd thinks the dog had been suffering for a few days before being found.{}

"We are doing all we can to treat hisinjuries, but we are not sure if we can save his left leg," said Boyd.{} "It is clearly bothering him, andhe is still not putting weight on it after we have been treating him for almosta week."

Dr. Boyd described the dog as "verysweet, with big doe eyes." {}

"Now that hehas put on some weight and is starting to get healthier, you can see that he isgoing to be a very handsome boy.{} Whatwould make someone so angry that they would maliciously attack such a sweet dogis beyond me," she said.