CAS heats up summer spay/neuter campaign

File photo (MGN)

By Samantha GermanSpecial for ABC News 4

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Charleston Animal Society is launching a Spay/Neuter campaign this summer, which{}is encouraging pet owners to neuter their pets in order to reduce animal overpopulation.

CAS is{}offering free spay and neuter surgeries to Charleston County pet owners. The{}society is also providing discounted rates up to 75 percent. Pet owners are eligible for low fee spay or neuter surgeries, and North Charleston residents{}are able to{}qualify for free services thanks to a donation from PetSmart Charities.

There are three major benefits of spaying or neutering your pets:

  • It prevents animal overpopulation
  • Spayed or neutered animals live a more longer and healthier life
  • Will not cause excessive weight gain for your pet

Spaying and neutering animals is a vital part of the Charleston Animal Society's No Kill Charleston 2015 initiative, whose purpose is to make Charleston County the first area in the Southeast to save all of its treatable animals.

The Charleston Animal Society, which is currently the largest spay and neuter provider in the state, has spayed and neutered over ten thousand animals over the past ten years.

In order to set up a surgery appointment for your pet, you can call (843) 556-7729{}or visit the Charleston Animal Society's website.