Citadel bulldogs retire, make way for new puppies

L to R: G2 and BX (Courtesy: The Citadel)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- When cadets come back to the Citadel next fall, they will be greeted by two new fuzzy faces.The current Citadel Bulldog mascots, General and Boo IX, will be retiring in November. Both dogs will be 10 this year and officials say that's about time to start taking it easy.Meanwhile, two new puppies are learning the ropes, getting ready to take over mascot responsibilities.The addition to the corps, General 2 (G2) and Boo X (BX), was announced to Citadel fans on July 1. G2 is 13 weeks old and hails from Moultrie, Georgia. His father is Rus who is the first cousin to the military school's first bulldog named General. He's also related to the University of Georgia's UGA IX. He likes belly rubs but hates slippery floors.Eight-week-old BX is from right here in Charleston and will be the third female mascot in the Citadel's history. Her mom is Boo IX's sister, Dixie Blue. She loves naps but dislikes stairs."Currently they are working out and meeting lots of people to help with their social skills," said Assistant Athletic Director Mike Groshon. "Besides puppy workouts, General is trying to teach them Football sled skills which he is showing them each night."Groshon says General and Boo IX will still be on campus and will still show up to events from time to time. Staff will take into account the heat, walking, and other stress factors before deciding which events the old dogs can attend. "Our plan is that they stay involved as much as they can," said Groshon. "They still enjoy The Citadel attention and can participate to a degree. Sleeping is a must for Old Bulldogs."All four dogs will stay with Coach Groshon and a baby shower is in the works for G2 and BX.If you want to keep up with the pups' progress, you can follow them on Instagram at @CitadelMascots. They will also be featured regularly on the Citadel Mascots Facebook page.

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