Dog found trapped in pluff mud

The dog has been dubbed "Muddy Waters." (Source: Charleston Animal Society)

HOLLYWOOD, S.C. (WCIV) -- A dog found out just how hard it is to get out of pluff mud.

The dog was found in Hollywood, stranded in chest-high pluff mud. The person who found the dog managed to pull the stranded dog out of the mud and took him to the Charleston Animal Society.

Officials there said the dog was in terrible need of cleaning and a hair cut.

"The dog literally has the worst mats we've ever seen. I've been here 20 years I've never seen mats this bad on a dog. Completely covered as if he was wearing a coat," said Kay Hyman, the director of community outreach for the animal society.

So the dog got a haircut that took about two hours of cleaning and clipping.

Underneath, officials found a poodle mix. They do not know who the dog belongs to.