Dog orphaned by deadly car accident finds new family

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) - An orphaned dog at Saint Francis Animal Center has a guardian angel looking after her.

"Madeline was his life. He didn't have a family," executive director Wendy Goude said of the man who owned Madeline until 10 days ago.

The dachshund-Chihuahua mix was turned over to the animal center on March 6 after her owner was killed in a car accident. Madeline was thrown from the window but survived without injury.

Goude knows little about her owner other than he loved Madeline completely.

"I was grateful life intervened and she was taken to us so we could give her a nice fresh start," Goude said.

Madeline first went to a high kill shelter in Myrtle Beach, Goude said, and was on the kill list the day she was rescued by someone she calls a good Samaritan.

Turns out, not only her life was spared but the lives of five little puppies growing inside her.

"By the time she got here she was in full-blown delivery and she actually had her puppies within a few hours of her arriving," Goude said.

Every single puppy was born healthy.

"She was a trooper she's the sweetest little thing in the world," she said.

Madeline and her five puppies will be available to adopt in{}about six{}weeks.