Dogmore Stew fundraiser to help special dog get surgery

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) It's not often the dogs in the Lowcountry Animal Rescue are all together in one location.{}

"We are all volunteers so this is done all in our homes. We have no brick and mortar facility and our expenses run us over $100,000 every year, for all of their expenses for medical and well being," said Joy Davis, Director of Lowcountry Animal Rescue.

Davis said the group's job is to take in the dogs, cats and exotics that need more than what most shelters can offer.{}

"So it's animals with behavior issues or more intense medical issues," said Davis. {}

That includes dogs like Porter that have extreme birth defects. Events like the annual Dogmore Stew will help raise money to offset the cost of his orthopedic surgery.

"That is why I do it, so a dog like Dodger that we had for a year-and-a-half can find a home, or a dog like Coy whose owner hadn't let him go to the bathroom in over a month. He required three surgeries with the orthopedic specialist. So we can afford to do those surgeries to save their lives," she said.

Davis started the rescue in 2001. About 100 animals are currently in the foster care program.

"Really we need foster parents. That's the real big thing that we need to save more lives," said Davis.{}

Roger Dodger, a Chihuahua mix, is now a Lowcountry Animal Rescue alumni.{} Dodger once had issues with men but the rescue continued to work with him on his behavior.

"He was returned twice and even in foster he was in three different homes, but they never got rid of him and they always kept him," said Michele Stogner, Dodger's owner.

She said things have changed for him and he now lives a good life but it wouldn't be possible without his extended stay at the rescue.{}

"There's so many that are in the wrong circumstances, and the right person and a right fit and they can be a perfect dog," said Stogner.