Family dog shot by Colleton County deputy

By Ava

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) Martha Knight is still trying to understand why her beloved Zazie, a lab mix, wasn't safe in her family's own backyard.

"Zazie was just a great dog and she's going to be sadly missed," said Knight. {}

Last Wednesday, Knight said a Colleton County Sheriff's deputy was walking through her back yard. She noticed the deputy from the porch then saw Zazie run.

"She pulled the stake out of the yard and went over in to my mom's yard where he shot her," said Knight.

Knight said they were not allowed to seek medical help for the dog until the officer completed his report. She said when they got to a vet, the best option was to put Zazie to sleep.

"She sat in pain for all that time and she didn't know what happened to her," said Knight. {}

The officer's report says the officer saw many aggressive dogs in the yard. It said he tried to retreat from the dog, which he said weighed 45 pounds, but Knight disagrees.

She said the officer should have used a Taser.

"The officer performed correctly he performed as he was trained," said Officer Ted Stanfield. He said using a Taser was not an option for this officer who was alone at the time of the incident.

"We have used a Taser against an animal before, but that's only if we are trying to capture an animal or something like that," said Stanfield.

Stanfield said the deputy was looking for a suspect wanted on a burglary warrant and had information that he would be at Knight's address.

The suspect was not there.