Four dogs die after possible antifreeze poisoning

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) A West Ashley couple claims their five dogs were poisoned. Charleston Police are now investigating the incident as a possible case of animal cruelty.

Police say the incident happened at a home located in the Byrnes Down neighborhood on Colleton Drive.

According to the incident report, a West Ashley couple came home Friday to find their dogs sick and throwing up. They were first alerted by neighbors about the situation.

"We've been told that four of them have passed away from the illness that resulted potentially from ingestion of ethylene glycol, which is the dangerous agent in anti-freeze," said Lucy Fuller with the Charleston Animal Society.

Four of the dogs came from the Charleston Animal Society, where Fuller is assisting with the investigation.

"As shelter veterinarians we are, unfortunately, experts in investigating animal cruelty," said Fuller.

In the incident report, the couple claims they arrived home Friday and noticed their pets' water bowls, which are located on the back porch, contained a green tint to it.

The dogs were taken to Animal Care Center on Savannah Highway.

They later informed police that the only way into their backyard is through a locked gate and is surrounded by a privacy fence.

"It's pretty scary," said Fuller. "Instead of (a neighbor) coming to you directly, they just injure an animal's life -- it's pretty terrible."

Fuller says the dogs eventually passed away from kidney failure and the fifth dog is barely hanging on.

It's believed someone intentionally poured antifreeze into the dogs' bowls to kill them.

"It actually forms crystals in the kidneys and kind of tears them up on the inside -- it's pretty awful," said Fuller. "We are ready, willing to help the police with the investigation."

Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact the Charleston Police Department at 843-720-2427.

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