Goose Creek rescued dogs ready for adoption

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - They're playful, healthy and loving life. The hunting dogs rescued from a Goose Creek home are in a much different place now than they were a few months ago.

In fact, most of them are ready to go home.

"They've all improved significantly but we still have some that have a little ways to go. It's great they all made it and doing so much better and that their going to have a second chance," said Michelle Reed, executive director of Animal Rescue and Relief.

The difference in appearance for some of the dogs is quite significant. They no longer are just skin and bones and most are healing just fine.

"The ones are the worst off and we're still documenting as evidence will continue to have in our care," she said.

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At Doc Williams Animal Shelter in Goose Creek, there are 37 dogs ready to be adopted. A few others for adoptions are currently staying at a Mount Pleasant veterinary clinic.

As for the ones not quite ready, Reed hopes to find foster homes that may be willing to help.

"The best case scenario is if we can find people interested in fostering to adopt some of these specialized cases so when they are ready they won't be shuffled around," she said.

Berkeley County deputies uncovered at least 200 dead dogs and more than 40 living dogs at a home in Goose Creek in February.

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The owner of the dogs, identified as Loney L Garrett,{}was taken into custody and charged with ill treatment of animals. According to officials, the owner made no effort to bury the dogs.

Neighbors alerted deputies to the problem when they complained of a foul stench in the air. One of Garrett's neighbors said she saw it all first-hand. {}

"There were skeletons in the ditch of dogs, more than one, more than ten and it was just really heartbreaking to know that they died and never got buried," said the neighbor.{}

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But Garrett's daughter-in-law is standing by Garrett, saying he loved every animal at his home.

"He's not a bad person," said Diane Luckie. "He's not done anything wrong but love those animals."

With caution tape blocking the entrance to her father-in-law's home, Luckie says investigators are painting Garrett as a monster.

"This is his hobby is to hunt deer and rabbits. He enjoys everything that he does with those dogs. He has no intentions to hurt those animals," Luckie said.

The animal abuse case is still under investigation.

Animal Rescue and Relief has a hotline for anyone to call in tips. The number is 843-647-9610.