Hotline created to help prevent dog abuse cases

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) Animal Rescue and Relief, the group caring for 45 dogs rescued from a home in Goose Creek after deputies found nearly 200 dead dogs at the property, has set up a hotline for people to call in animal abuse.

Callers can leave a name and a contact number, but it's not required.

"We've set up a tipline so that people can call anonymously and leave in tips about the Goose Creek case and also any tips on puppy mills, hoarding, dog fighting -- they are more than welcome to call that line as well," said Animal Rescue and Relief executive director, Michelle Reid.

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Reid said the hotline was created to find more information specifically about the Goose Creek case.

"We need to keep things like this from happening in the future and if you speak out, you give those animals a chance," said Reid. {}

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The man charged with ill treatment to animals, Loney Garrett, was first issued tickets by Berkeley County Animal Control for improper burial of animals. Days later he was arrested and the bones of at least 200 dogs were discovered on his Goose Creek property.

Forty-five dogs were rescued from cages behind the Howe Hall Road home; officers say those dogs were found in poor condition.{}{}

"There is a huge difference in them. All of them but two are wagging their tails. It was great to see them and the staff at Doc Williams. They are just wonderful," said Reid.

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Reid said the dogs are not ready for adoption yet. She adds people don't have to be a dog lovers to help with this case.{}

"If you know something, if you see something, please speak up. Even people that aren't animal people. If you care about children or other people then you need to speak up because more times than not, you see links to child abuse and spouse abuse linked to animal abuse," said Reid.

Reid said their goal is to make others aware of the hotline so people with information about animal abuse will have somewhere to turn.

The hotline number is 843-647-9610.