One of 45 rescued dogs adjusting well to new home

By Ava Wilhite

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) Through the gates and off the leash every day is another new experience for Chase.

"Every day is different. It's so fun to see him come out of his shell. It's like seeing a toddler discover the world for the first time," said Maria Petrie, Chase's adoptive mother.

Petrie took Chase to her home in July from Animal Rescue and Relief. She says they had a clear bond from the beginning.

"At first when I got him out of his environment with the other hounds he was really timid and shy, it took a while for him to warm up even to me but now he sleeps in my bed all the time and we have a great bond," Petrie said.{}

Petrie says she heard about Chase and the 44 other dogs on Facebook. In February, Chase and the others were discovered on the property of Loney Garrett. According to police, many of the dogs were starved and had multiple medical issues.

"I wasn't sure what to expect: would they be aggressive? Would they be so timid that you couldn't play with them? And they were great. Chase was really happy and fun to play with," she said.

Petrie says 2 year-old Chase is still making adjustments to his new life.

"You can definitely tell he grew up in an atmosphere of lack, I mean that he doesn't feel like there's always going to be enough food. So, if I feed him all at once he just gulps it down."

Petrie says she feeds him throughout the day in hopes of assuring him there will always be enough food.

Loney Garrett was issued a ticket and his court date is still pending.

The Berkeley County Council has not made any changes to their ordinance, which does not have a cap on how many dogs can be on one property.{}

Eleven of the rescued dogs are still in need of permanent homes.