Report: Man says he shot neighbor's dog to protect his wife

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) -- Georgetown police responded to a Morrison Street home for reports of a dog being shot.According to the police report, the owner of the dog said she was in the process of moving her two dogs, a lab and a pit bull, from the backyard to the front door to take them inside. She said the dogs saw two of her neighbors walking towards the house and went up to them, but noted that they were not approaching in "a threatening manner."She said her lab turned back towards her home but her pit bull kept approaching and that's when one of the neighbors shot twice at her dog for what she claimed was "no apparent reason."Police spoke with the 70-year-old man. He said he and his wife were on their morning walk when they saw the two dogs "running towards them." The man said the dog was coming towards his wife and was only two or three inches away and in a "threatening posture" when he shot the dog to protect her.He said he then placed the gun on the hood of his vehicle and waited for police. He told officers that he has had issues with the same dog before but never reported them.No arrests have been made. The case is still under investigation.