Wild pigs surprise swimmers on Sullivan's Island

SULLIVAN'S ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- Pigs might not be able to fly, but one decided to take a swim. A pair of wild pigs was seen wading in the waves on Sullivan's Island Friday.

"They're pigs!" as one 911 caller told dispatchers Friday morning. "I saw this little pig running across the beach and I'm like, 'Is that a pig?'"

While temperatures felt hot enough to fry bacon, it's not known why the pigs made their way to the water or where they came from.

But callers to 911 were taken aback by the swimming swine.

"There's a pig that just swam in the ocean and another one we saw around Station 22," said one 911 caller. "This is the second one we've seen on the beach. It looks like he's exhausted. He's been swimming from we don't know where."

The woman said the first pig came out of the ocean and sat down on the beach, apparently exhausted from what she imagined was a long swim.

"He's just sitting there on the beach looking exhausted and the other one came out and ran up on the beach like he was going into Sullivan's Island town proper," she said.

Perhaps one pig was headed to market while the other pig soaked up some sun. One beachgoer said he thought the beach pig was just panicked and wished he'd stayed home.

"One minute, feeling pressured -- it charged out wanting to get out of the circle so it went after a couple of young kids. It kind of looked like it wanted to play but I think the parents didn't find that too enjoyable," said Zac Seiler, who was visiting the beach from Cincinnati.

A second caller told dispatchers she was concerned the pig on the beach was going to drown.

The first caller said people had already saved the seemingly exhausted pig once.

"Now there's a girl swimming toward it. I'm not sure how safe that is. There was another guy that ran up toward her kids and they were screaming so," she said.

Beach goers called authorities and police arrived with animal control agents to capture the swimming swine -- by the hair of their chinny-chin chins -- before they could go wee-wee-wee all the way home.

Of all the pig puns to make, there's just one last thing to day -- that's all folks.

The pig isn't the first odd sight on Lowcountry beaches. A 14-foot gator was spotted off the coast of Kiawah Island last month and a 10-foot gator was shot and killed in the surf of Folly Beach in May.