Chef Kim's beef pot pie

1 lb Beef cubed

1/2 Cup each{} Carrots, Celery, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers,Green Beans, Onions

1 Oz Olive Oil

16 Oz Beef Stock

3 Oz Red Wine

2 Tbl Corn Starch

Salt & Pepper

In a skillet,saut in oil the peppers, onions, mushrooms & carrots until tender. Add remaining veggies and beef. Fill the dough lined-panwith this mixture. In same skillet add stock and bring to a simmer. Whisk inthe combination of starch & wine. Whisk to incorporate and to thicken thesauce. Add Salt & Pepper to taste. Pour over the beef & veggie mixtureand top with desired crust/topping.

Biscuit Topping-Follow the package direction on the Self -Rising Flour Bag. Cut biscuits andplace on top of pie. Egg wash the tops for a golden brown result.

Puff PastryTopping- Cut the dough to generously cover the top of the pie. Score the topand egg wash for golden brown baking results.

Pie Dough Topping- Cut the dough to the size of the outer rim of the baking container. Crimp theedges, egg wash and score the top.

Bake at 375Funtil golden brown. Check in 16 minutes.