Recipe: Crock pot Pet Food

      Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic believes it is important for our pets to have safe, healthy food.

      Cooking your pets' food yourself is a good way to avoid contaminated pet foods as you may have seen in numerous pet food recalls and know exactly what is in your pets' diet.

      The Original Crockpet Diet:

      This only takes about 5 minutes to load the slow cooker, 5 minutes in the fridge/freezing the bulk of the food.{}

      It is good for weight loss, allergies, gastrointestinal disease, arthritis


      1lb. Turkey Breast

      1lb. Pork

      1lb Ground Beef.

      6 Tablespoons Coconut Oil

      3 cups Calabrese Vegetables (kale, collards, cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli)

      4 cups Vegetables (zucchini, green beans, squash, pumpkin, tomatoes, seasonal veggies)

      1/2lb. dry kidney beans

      4 large carrots

      1 tsp. dried Turmeric

      1 tsp. dried mustard

      1 clove uncooked garlic

      2000mg calcium

      1tsp Iodized Salt

      1 cup uncooked brown rice (optional)

      Once you fill your crock pot, set it on low and let it sit for 8 hours.