Don't park at the old Bi-Lo on Meeting street; Your car may be booted

Booting to begin at old Bi-Lo on Meeting

EDITOR'S NOTE: A previous version of this story stated the City of Charleston was having cars parked in the lot booted. That information provided to our newsroom was incorrect. Officials representing the city say it has no involvement in the attempt to keep cars from parking at the old Bi-Lo. The lot is private property and any decision to have vehicles towed or booted would be made by the property owner in compliance with city ordinances.


If you've been parking in the lot of the old Bi-Lo on Meeting Street in Charleston, today's the day to move your car, quickly.

ABC News 4 has received word that cars parked there may be booted, starting today, May 4.

The Bi-Lo closed in late September. Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg has said there are plans to attract a new grocer to the area.

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