Ashley Ridge student arrested after hitting teacher, district says

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) -- An Ashley Ridge High School student was arrested after assaulting a teacher on Monday, officials with the school district said.{}

According to Dorchester District 2 officials, a student was disrespectful to a teacher Monday afternoon during a lunch period. The situation escalated and the student hit the teacher in the face, officials said.{}

According to an incident report, deputies arrived and found a female teacher and two students holding a black male student. The officers removed the black male student since he was "in a rage," the report states.{}

The boy was taken to the office and handcuffed after he refused to calm down. His mother, who works at the school, was called to the office and a nurse checked his health and tended to the scratches on his face, according to the report.{}

Another deputy talked to the teacher, who said she was on lunch duty when the student called her an "orangutan bitch" and walked away. The report states the student called her other names and glared at her.

She told the officer that she approached the student and asked why he called her names and the student attacked him, so she "went after him."

The student said the teacher called him a monkey and that triggered his anger and led to the fight.

The teacher was given medical treatment that involved several stitches.{}

The student, whose identity was not released by the district, was charged by law enforcement. The student also faces a punishment by the district.