CCSO: Students arrested for 'chopping' cars from school bus

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Charleston County Sheriff's Office is investigating an incident involving nine Septima Clark Academy students accused of throwing rocks out of a school bus window at passing cars.According to a CCSO incident report, Durham Bus Services notified the school of a disturbance on bus 529 the the afternoon of May 8. The bus pulled over on SC30 and was waiting for police to arrive.On May 9, the security footage was made available to deputies and the following is a rundown of what they say they saw.
  • Quantella Marie Brown, 16, brought a bag of food onto the bus.
  • Kayla Gilliard, 17, brought a pizza box full of rocks onto the bus.
  • Brown is heard saying she was going to "chop some cars" and told the others to not throw anything "until they get on the I," meaning interstate.
  • Gilliard tries to block the view of two of the three security cameras then tells 17-year-old Akeele Simmons to the third. Simmons paints the lens with white out.
  • Brown is heard saying "We might as well chop cars now" and "Well I'm going to chop cars. I don't give a (expletive)."
  • Simmons is seen throwing an object out of the passenger side window.
  • Brown says "They at a red light, we good" and tells Simmons "You need to get that (expletive) ready out the bag."
  • Simmons is seen throwing another object out of the driver's side of the bus.
  • Another suspect, 17-year-old Jordan Jasper, is heard suggesting they squirt something onto passing cars.
  • The students then collectively go to the passenger side of the bus, screaming and cursing at the victim's vehicle which is pulling over.
  • The bus turns onto SC 30 and another suspect, 19-year-old Shalaine Jenkins, yells and curses at the elderly bus driver to keep driving. Several other students join in.
  • Simmons is seen holding a large rock and going to a window. He and four other students are seen looking for a victim to "chop."
  • Another suspect, 17-year-old Maurice Deveaux is seen throwing a large object from the front area passenger side window.
  • Simmons is seen on the passenger side throwing the large rock that he had taken from the pizza box.
  • Jasper is heard warning the students that they could kill someone with these rocks.
  • Brown informs the 78-year-old driver that the victim is signaling for the bus to pull over but then tells him to keep driving.
  • As the driver calls in his location to Durham Bus Services, Jenkins walks up the aisle, while the bus is still in motion, and tries to try to take the radio from him.
  • All of the suspects switch seats from the passenger side to the drivers side.
  • Brown is heard cursing as she throws a container of coleslaw out of the drivers side window. The coleslaw hits the victim's truck and the students begin screaming.
  • Simmons is seen getting another rock from the pizza box and throwing it at the victim's truck as he passes. He is also seen opening a rear window and tossing something out.
  • As the students discuss getting rid of the evidence, 18-year-old Dominique Smith is seen tossing something out the window.
Charleston Police responded to the scene initially but the case was taken over by CCSO.The victim's Ford F250 sustained an estimated $950 in damage, including a dent in the passenger side roof. The victim was also towing a boat but it is not known if it was damaged.Sixteen warrants were issued for eight of the students. All are being handled as adults. The suspects were arrested on May 14 and are each charged with interference with a school bus driver.Akeele Simmons was also charged with malicious injury to property and littering. Kayla Gilliard is also charged with two counts of malicious injury to property. Anton Simmons is also charged with malicious injury to property. Maurice Deveaux, Dominique Smith, Shalaine Jenkins are also charged with littering.The Charleston County School District said three of the students had been suspended for four days and banned from riding the bus for the rest of the year. Six other students received out-of-school suspensions and/or bus suspensions based on their alleged involvement. School district officials said a ninth suspect, the 16-year-old girl, was also charged by police.