Citadel faces new lawsuit from abused camper, junior staffer

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - A new lawsuit naming The Citadel as a defendant during the Louis "Skip" Reville era alleges an abused camper-turned-junior staffer was fired after he brought up Reville's sexual misconduct to his superiors.

According to the lawsuit filed Monday, the plaintiff, identified only as Camper Doe 6, traveled from his home in Duval County, Fla., to attend summer camp where he was sexually molested by Reville.

The suit names the school, saying it had knowledge of or should have had knowledge of Reville's sexual behavior with boys attending the camp. Like similar suits before it, the newest filing against the school say that the school had ample time to look into complaints about Reville as early as 2001, but elected to do nothing, subjecting years of camp attendees to Reville's advances and misconduct.

In 2003, Camper Doe 6 met Reville and alleges the counselor began grooming him for "a repeated pattern of sexual abuse and molestation" that began with rubbing Icy-Hot on the boy's legs and ended with molestation.

According to the filing, the camp's Deputy Director walked in on Reville and the boy alone and yelled at him, but went on to say that the misconduct was not written into Reville's personnel file nor was it circulated to other camp officials.

"Each day The Citadel refused or failed to terminate Reville constitutes a separate occurrence giving rise to the multiple acts of abuse suffered by the plaintiff," the lawsuit reads.

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Two years later, Camper Doe 6 returned to The Citadel as a junior counselor where he found Reville still serving as a senior counselor. The suit states that the boy, now serving as a counselor, went through a sexual abuse prevention class as part of his training and felt like he needed to report the 2003 abuse.

The suit alleges that the camp director initially welcomed the boy into her office until he brought up the illegal acts by Reville. That's when her "demeanor immediately changed."

"She abruptly called off the meeting, claiming she had another obligation. Two hours later, Plaintiff was fired by the senior counselor and instructed to leave the premises within two hours," the lawsuit alleges.

About a year later, the Florida boy again reached out to The Citadel, calling the school to report the sex crimes he had experienced in 2003. After being transferred from office to office, he was told no one was on the campus that could help him, but suggested he call again at a later date.

The result was a despondent boy who was emotionally and mentally hurt that officials who were supposed to protect him from harm while under their care dismissed his claims.

Camper Doe 6 felt as though The Citadel's refusal to hear his complaints allowed "Reville to prey on young boys under the guise of duty and honor."

The lawsuit states the boy even attempted suicide.

The complaint asks for a jury trial to determine actual, punitive, special and consequential damages. The military college has 30 days to respond to the complaint.

The years of sexual abuse at the camps was made public when Reville was arrested in 2011.