Day care worker in trouble again for force-feeding child nachos

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- An employee at a Mount Pleasant day care center is in trouble again for allegedly force-feeding a child and hitting another.

According to court documents, 36-year-old Kelli Walker was charged with cruelty to children and unlawful conduct towards a child for incidents stemming from her employment at the Sunshine House.{}

The report states that Walker flicked a child on the forehead, leaving a red mark. An assistant teacher also saw Walker picked up a cot one child was sleeping on, causing the child to hit its head on the floor, the report alleges.

An affidavit also alleges that Walker held one 5-year-old boy's head back and force fed him nachos until he gagged, an act that was also witnessed by an assistant teacher.

Walker was charged last month with simple assault after the Sunshine House director called police to alert them of her activities in the classrooms. An incident report states that Walker hit a girl in the mouth several times until it bled and grabbed her by the arm, throwing her against a wall at the facility.

A school official said in August that Walker was on probation due to a previous incident and was fired on July 26{} after the allegations were made against her last month.