Family faces murder suspect, asks bond be denied

48-year-old Robert Nolen (WCIV)

Thursday brought a long-awaited day in the courtroom for a family hoping to keep a man charged in the killings of three people behind bars.

Judge Kristi Harrington says she'll make a decision later about whether to grant bond for the suspect accused of the triple homicide. She has a lot to consider after reviewing the facts of the case and hearing from the people most impacted by the tragedy.

48-year-old Robert Nolen entered a courtroom wearing handcuffs and a jail uniform. He's charged with three counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. In a Moncks Corner courtroom he faced the family members of those killed and heard impact statements.

"Ultimately the most important reason to deny bond is not to allow him the opportunity to potentially devastate any more lives like he's devastated ours," Shanna Groves said.

Two victims' families argued against granting bond for Nolen while his public defender explained what he shouldn't be considered a flight risk.

"He did not run. He called 911," public defender Theresa Norris said. "He was performing CPR when the officer arrived. When they asked for the suspect, he did say, 'I am the suspect.'"

"It was really difficult I think for everybody who spoke today to speak out. But we're just... We're praying. We're praying for a good outcome. So that's all we can do right now," Groves said.

Shanna Groves' father, James Harrison was one of the three men killed. Berkeley County sheriff's deputies say the three men were gunned down outside a home last October. It was another tragedy for the family. Groves' mother, Lynn Harrison, was shot to death in April 2015 in Summerville.

"The only think I could think of is that I miss my parents," she said. "Dad wouldn't have been there that night if we hadn't lost mom, because it was their anniversary. He would have been at home with his wife. So, I guess a chain of events..."

Deputies say Lance Kenyon and Harry Gressette were the other shooting victims.

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