Kidnapping suspect denied bond, families exchange heated words

By Nikki

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCIV) Two families clashed outside the courtroom of the detention center in Berkeley County Tuesday night after a judge denied bond for the man accused of kidnapping a mother and daughter and then leading deputies on a high speed chase through Williamsburg County.

"If you were a good momma, he wouldn't have been a [expletive] rapist. How about that," said one of the family members of the victims.

Telly McClam, 36, faced a slew of charges, ranging from weapons charges, kidnapping, burglary, and criminal sexual conduct. On Tuesday night, the judge wasted little time denying McClam bond as he silently stood before the judge.

However, it was after the hearing that the two families exchanged words and deputies were called to break up the scene.

"We know it's a lie. We know that they were living in my house, in my house and I helped them," said Margaret McClam, who said her son did nothing wrong.

Nearby, the family of his reported victims listened carefully, their anger building.

"Justice will be served. He is innocent. He is innocent," said the suspect's mother.

After that statement by McClam, the victims' family no longer stood silent.

"That bitch ain't innocent! Let them bail him out tonight," said one family member.

Deputies broke up the argument as Deandrene McHoney watched. For her, sitting just a short distance from the man who allegedly kidnapped her and her daughter wasn't easy.

"It was hard, very hurtful. Now she's traumatized for her life," said McHoney.

At one point, she says she wasn't sure if the two would survive the terrifying event that deputies say ultimately ended after McClam abandoned his car in Williamsburg County with them in it and fled into the woods.

"Right after he broke into somebody's house and took us in there and taped our feet, taped our hands together he told us to sit on the couch because he might kill us right now and nobody will ever know," said McHoney.

Deputies eventually located McClam near some railroad tracks where they believed he was trying to hop a train.

This time around McHoney hopes he stays in jail for good.

"I just want justice to be served so me and my daughter can move on with our lives and won't have to look behind our backs and be afraid that he's somewhere sneaking around," said McHoney.

McClam is due back in court on Dec. 13.

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