Police: more charges for former Krazy Fish owner

By Stacy

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) -- The restaurant at the former Krazy Fish location has a new name and ownership. Former Krazy Fish owner Kenneth Terry was arrested and accused of prostitution earlier this year.

Police presented a new set of charges Tuesday.

Georgetown Police said Terry turned himself in Tuesday morning. They charged him with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, promoting prostitution of a minor and three counts of prostitution.

They were new charges in addition to several filed earlier this year. Police said the charges stemmed from a tip that Terry illegally served minors at Krazy Fish.

"He would serve them alcohol. That was the ruse to get them in. Whatever took place from there," said Capt. Nelson Brown with Georgetown Police.

But, Terry's attorney John Hilliard told a different story. He said his client was innocent and asked why more people hadn't been arrested in connection with the case

"The people who are getting paid are not getting arrested. Only the guy who allegedly is doing the paying," Hilliard said.

Police also arrested Donovan Miller of Andrews and charged him with two counts of prostitution. But Hilliard said he was suspicious of the investigation.

"I'm just saying that from the face of what the allegations are, these are unusual sorts of charges to be brought in this situation," he said.

The case has been shocking for the small town, Brown said.

"For Georgetown, we don't normally have these type incidents," he said.

Police wouldn't provide the most recent arrest warrants Wednesday, saying they wanted the case tried in court instead of in the media. Hilliard said he and his client looked forward to getting that case started.

Hilliard said he had requested a preliminary hearing and was waiting to get the date.

A judge set Terry's bond at $21,296.

SLED also assisted in the technical analysis for the investigation.