Officer spots AK-47 in car, arrests Miami man

NORTHCHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - A Miami man was arrested early Friday morning after anight of clubbing in North Charleston when a police officer spotted an AK-47 inthe floorboard of his car.

According toa police report, 23-year-old Johnnel Harris was arrested and charged withunlawful carry of a firearm and cocaine possession.

The reportstates the officer was on foot patrol on Dorchester Road near Willy's Bar whenhe spotted the AK-47 in one of the cars parked in the lot, so he waited in hispatrol car to see who got in the car.

When threemen left the club, they were all detained and asked about the gun. Harris saidit was his car and gun, the report states, so the other two men were released.

The reportstated the gun was loaded and the safety was off.

Harris wastaken to the Charleston County Detention Center and the gun was taken intoevidence.

During astrip search at the jail, officers found a bag of cocaine tucked into Harris' waistband,the report states.{}